vendredi 22 mai 2009

Calling upon all artists and art lovers - what's your favorite color?

Hey everyone!

It's been a little while since I was here...

I am currently reading a lot about colors, what they represent and what kind of impact colors have on us.

I would really love your participation and I would more than looove to showcase your work along with your ideas on Annie's Bead World.

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2 commentaires:

  1. Blue is my favourite colour. Always has been. When I was young and we were moving, my parents made sure to paint my bedroom blue before I moved in. That was not negotiable.

    When it comes to using colour in jewelry making, I'm at a loss. I bought a colour wheel but it didn't really help me. I just don't know how to use colours creatively. I am colour impaired.

  2. I have become a big lover of orange, any shade. I just love how everything seems to look good next to it and orange just makes me very happy. I use it all the time in my work. I love using it for my doll's hair.