lundi 9 mars 2009

Financial crisis a powerful source of inspiration

Artwork is a luxury for some, for others it's an "art-de-vivre," while for an Artist it is the purpose of their life. Financial crisis is a challenging experience for any emerging Artist to go through. Some Artists might take a side job that helps make ends meet, or even a second job. Yet, this experience, and these new places can become bright sources of inspiration.

First, being in the unfortunate situation to have to take another job means there is less time to work on art and with the creative process. This challenge means becoming creative with managing time and creating a structure with a schedule. This requires discipline. Yes, I know, it's not my favorite word either. And yet, the opportunity to master this skill, take advantage of it, and create a way to become comfortable with it yields more opportunity than it takes away.

Second, making do with what you have. Finances may restrict what materials you can afford, let alone need for a specific project. Therefore, get creative to find solutions that will transcend this "lack" and still complete a project from a vision outside of yourself.

You could choose to become frustrated by the situation, or you can turn it into another exercise of creative exploration to find new ways to overcome the challenge. Artists frequently surprise themselves as new techniques, matching different media together, and things never done before arise. These experiences become highly stimulating and rewarding. More importantly, they provide a sense of achievement and fulfillment unsurpassed.

Finally, what about all those unfinished projects? We all have some somewhere; at least, I do anyway! It is never a wrong time to get back to them and breathe in new life. Get them out of the guts! Get the brain to the task and get creative! Tap into the deepest source of inspiration. Reflect on them. Find the deepest reason why this unfinished business is still unfinished. Unlock some doors to these mysteries and let yourself be submerged in the flow of creative energy that is pooling in that project!

When crises are over, strength will have developed along with new skills. New sources of energy and creativity will be ready for the success and challenges that are wanting to meet the future!

Happy crisis to all my fellow artists!

Special thanks to Lee Down for editing

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