mardi 3 février 2009

Victorian Era

I've been stuggling to take good pictures of my choker... As you know, photography is not something I'm really comfortable with.

Here's finally my victorian style choker. It's just like I wanted it to be. It's very tight around the neck as well as very large. The collar in itself is 4,5 cm and when you add the onyx it makes a 7 cm large choker. The onyx are falling on the collarbone which make them stand out. Despite what one could think, it's in fact really comfy. The necklace is tied with 3 vintage round clasps. Therefore, the back is also very attractive. You will soon be able to see more angles of it on flickr...

Speaking of flickr leads me to tell you about what's coming up for me. Like I said, flickr is about to be available, my Etsy shop should open in a few weeks and I have many earings and a few lariats waiting to be posted on Facebook.

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