jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Dark Sunday Afternoon

I recently came out with a new collection called Dark Sunday Afternoon. Although I am not quite satisfied with the pictures, I am rather proud of my creations. I will post them all on Flickr really soon. Meanwhile, you can see them on my Facebook Fan Page. Or on myspace at .
Before christmas, I was left down by the company I was working for and I've decided to turn that misfortune into an opportunity to beadwork fulltime. As a results, everything that is aside the beadworking itself is new to me. I'm talking about the pics, the promotion, the pricing and so on... I find it really challenging and I am loving every part of it!
The really cool thing in this adventure is to discover all the great artists around. I have expended my network and I am really inspired not only by the beadworkers(and there are many great ones out there) but also by all the other areas of arts; sculptures, paintings, photographes, music, etc...
I am having the time of my life!

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